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The years I’ve spent in this institution were quite remarkable not just because of the things we learned and the allowances we received but because of the people we met. Those people were my friends. The people whom you thought would be hard to understand and hard to get along, but as time passes by, those people would become your buddies…

What does graduation mean for us?

Many would think that it’s already a time to say goodbye to their friends. Many would also think that it’s time for moving on and having new friends.

But for me, i think that graduation is not a farewell to my friends because they will always be here in my heart.


sugar ray

backstreet boys


lyte funky ones

lady gaga

What can you notice about the songs nowadays? One can say that the songs today are good, or preferably excellent.  Others would say that these songs are really the best! Some would say that the songs nowadays are meaningless or to make it simple, the songs nowadays makes no sense. And also, some would say that the composers nowadays uses random words with bad words in them just to finish the song and to make good rhymes. Come on, if i say something randomly in front of these composers  as long as there is rhythm they would think I’m really composing a good song! Well, you’re definitely wrong!

Back to our topic, the thing is people somehow have forgotten the true meaning of songs, not just putting random words but putting words that have meanings. Just like the songs from 80’s to 90’s. Try to listen to them. Those songs have meanings although I’m not saying that all have meanings but to sum up, almost all of it have meanings. If you try to listen to them, you would somehow say that I’m right!

But somehow, the people nowadays only ignore and insult the songs from the year 1980 to the late 90’s. They would also insult the people who loves the songs from these decades and say something like they are old fashioned, lousy, etc. Well, all i can say is, you people who like the songs today and hates the songs from the year 1980 to the late 90’s sucks! Come on you are missing half of your life if you don’t try to listen to them.

Try listening to the song More Than Words and describe it. I don’t exactly know when it was composed but i can say it was between 80’s and 90’s  We would definitely say that that song is really really awesome. The song has deep meaning if you try to listen at the words. Now compare it to the songs nowadays. Can you see the difference? Yes, there is a big difference because the songs today are meaningless. Do you agree?

Well, i shall end this blog now…

Goodbye and Take care

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